The Olive View-UCLA Education and Research Institute (ERI) was incorporated in 1963 to support the medical staff at the Los Angeles County Olive View hospital which had been a tuberculosis sanatorium.  When the facility was converted to an acute hospital, the ERI expanded to support the growing research and education programs.   In 1994, it reincorporated as the Olive View-UCLA Education and Research Institute to reflect the medical center's name change and its closer ties with UCLA.

 The Olive View-UCLA Education and Research Institute is a non-profit corporation that administers and manages all research conducted at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.  It is contractually related to and responsible for coordinating research activities with the County of Los Angeles/Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, the Medical Center’s Professional Staff Association (PSA) And the University of California, Los Angeles.  Because of the nature and diversity of patient illness and the high volume of medical problems seen at the medical center, Olive View-UCLA has become a successful site for clinical research. 

The ERI solicits and accepts contracts and grants for research and service from a variety of governmental, private and for-profit agencies.  The ERI provides technical and scientific expertise and manages the award in conformance with terms and conditions of the agencies.  Under the ERI agreement with Los Angeles, County, it also assures the County of proper use of its facilities and compliance with Federal, State and local government requirements.  The day-to-day financial management of the award rests with the Principal Investigator.  However, the PI is assisted in that responsibility by the ERI Business Office.

The ERI provides to investigators the fiscal and review services required by sponsors including governmental sponsors which tend to have the most stringent regulations. 

To improve the services and maintain professional standards for medical care rendered to patients of Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.

To stimulate professional and scientific contributions by the members of the medical staff of Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.

To increase the value of Olive View-UCLA Medical Center as a training institution for members of the attending staff, resident physicians, interns, medical students, technicians, and nurses as well as members of the medical, dental and ancillary professions at large.

To provide facilities and personnel for the performance of medical research and education.